Cherry Grove Accounting and Tax, LLC
Susan Chrest Pumphrey, CPA 

You could say that Susan was born to be a CPA. Like her father before her and her father's father, Susan took to the tax and accounting field like a fish to water. Susan was in the class of '79 at Notre Dame Preparatory School on Hampton Lane in Towson, Maryland. Soon after high school graduation, at the age of 18, she began working for her father, Charles L. Chrest, Jr., CPA as his secretary. 

After attending Loyola College for two years and then graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting from Towson University in 1983, Susan went on to become a Certified Public Accountant in 1984. Soon she was a partner in the Accounting firm of Chrest & Associates, CPAs where the focus of the firm was tax and small business accounting. 

In 1996, Susan left her family firm to pursue a second degree and career in the science and genetics field, while continuing her accounting work part time. While she loved this work and working with animals, she realized she missed her career in accounting and the personal interaction with clients and helping them grow their businesses. In 2001 Susan became an independent CPA and returned to her accounting business full time.

Throughout her career Susan has been providing clients with the same friendly, quality service ever since and her focus today remains tax preparation and small business accounting. Susan now lives on Kent Island with her husband, Bruce Pumphrey.